Advertising on the Radio is EASY!

Just Answer These Four Simple Questions!


Together with our marketing consultant decide who your target demographic is. This allows us to match your business with the right station(s) audience that will most likely react to your messaging. We want to be sure we are setting you up for success, and that starts with talking to the right people.


What do you want potential customers to know? Are you having a special or needing more consistent awareness of who and where you are so when your services are needed a customer will think of you first? This is how we create your ad copy. We speak to your potential customer about your business and we do it over and over to build your brand in the market.


What is the timing for you to be communicating with the audience? What range of dates do you want each message to be on the air? You can have multiple messages throughout the year based on seasonal needs and offerings you may have.


This is the big one but simple. How much are you comfortable investing? We have customers of all sizes spending a few hundred dollars to thousands. With radio your advertising is customized by our skilled Marketing Consultants to ensure your budget is the most effective based on your goals. Your budget is just that, yours, and we stick to it. The consultation and ad creation are included services with radio advertising.
That’s it! You can be on talking to thousands of local potential customers here in Northwest Arkansas by just contacting one of our consultants and answering these simple questions! Don’t procrastinate any longer on putting a plan in action, we are here to help you!

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